iCoreVerify - Automated Insurance Verification

iCoreVerify - Automated Insurance Verification

iCoreVerify Automated Insurance Verifications

iCoreVerify completes insurance verifications for every patient on this week’s schedule faster than you just read this sentence. 

You can reduce the time spent on insurance verifications by 80%. Redirect staff time to scheduling patient follow-ups and other revenue-generating activities. Stop relying on manual processes, spending time on the phone, and verifying patients one at a time.


iCoreVerify provides you:

  • Verification in seconds for every patient on the schedule each week (rather than one patient at a time)
  • Built-in error reporting shows you exactly what needs to be corrected for quick resolutions
  • Fewer claim denials thanks to accurate patient information
  • Unlimited verifications with no per-transaction fees


Simply put, iCoreVerify insurance verification is a remarkable tool to streamline your workflow, free up staff resources, and improve the patient experience within your practice. 


MDA Member Benefit

MDA members receive 40% off the retail price for iCoreVerify.


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iCoreVerify Overview

A brief introduction to iCoreVerify!