iCoreExchange - Encrypted HIPAA Email

iCoreExchange - Encrypted HIPAA Email

iCoreExchange Encrypted HIPAA Email

Sending Protected Health Information (PHI) via email is standard these days. It’s vital to ensure those communications can’t be hacked, phished, or used to launch ransomware attacks to steal data and cripple your practice. iCoreExchange facilitates all that and more.


With iCoreExchange:

  • Access your secure email anywhere, from any device
  • Don't settle for attachment limits. Send any and all PHI, regardless of attachment size, with confidence 
  • Find new and vetted referral partners based on patient need through zip code searches
  • Be matched by other providers and receive patient referrals
  • Ensure HIPAA-compliant communications that keep data private and secure
  • Block out unsolicited and unrecognized, non-provider senders to secure your inbox
  • Even access your non-secure email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) in the same inbox


No iCoreExchange email has been hacked. Ever. Protect your patients and your practice, and improve your communication workflow with iCoreExchange.


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MDA members receive 35% off the retail price for iCoreExchange.


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iCoreExchange Overview

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