iCoreCodeGenius - Rapid ICD-10 & CPT Coding for Dental

iCoreCodeGenius - Rapid ICD-10 & CPT Coding for Dental

iCoreCodeGenius Rapid Coding

Medical cross-coding for dentistry can be easy with a code genius on your side. iCoreCodeGenius is designed to be up-to-date, saving you time and effort, and it’s fast. Really fast. As soon as you start typing, predictive text provides rapid selection of the code you’re looking for. No more investing in burdensome reference books and no more guessing. 

You’ll also be prompted to address potentially related factors further ensuring your accuracy. Reduce billing time and errors with a quick reference in your hands.

iCoreCodeGenius is ‘so’ fast that users can arrive at relevant codes in 60 seconds or less. 

iCoreCodeGenius is:

  • Highly accurate medical coding and documentation
  • Fast and complete ICD-10 & CPT lookup
  • Always up-to date codes
  • Automatically prompting of comorbidities and HCCs
  • Accessed securely from the cloud, from any location

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MDA members receive 45% off the retail price for iCoreCodeGenius.

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iCoreCodeGenius Overview

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