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Our company provides Missouri Qualified Expert services with the Missouri Radiation Control Program (MRCP), providing high quality radiation safety physics surveys for all regulated radiation machines in dental practices throughout Missouri.

We are professionals in the radiation physics field with decades of knowledge to provide testing for your cone beam CT units, panoramic units, handheld portable units, and intraoral wall units utilizing the latest technology and ensuring superior image quality and compliance with Missouri regulations. Please contact Shawn Heldebrandt 918-706-7496 or Stephanie Patrick 573-680-2989 for survey information and scheduling.  

Stephanie Patrick at Connect4Success

Dr. Jon Copeland, MDA Treasurer, sits down with Stephanie Patrick from Heldebrandt Consulting to discuss what they do and how it works to serve Missouri dentists.

  • The Heldebrandt Consulting team tests everything emitting radiation! From left, Stephanie Patrick (Radiation Equipment Physics Inspector), Kim Fisher (Radiation Equipment Physics Inspector) and Shawn Heldebrandt (President & Chief Physicist).
  • CBCT and panoramic unit testing.
  • Intraoral dental unit testing.
  • QC CBCT phantom testing.
  • Handheld dental unit testing.
  • Intraoral dental unit testing.
  • Intraoral dental unit testing.
  • Intraoral dental unit testing.

To Shield or Not to Shield?

For decades, patients have been comforted with a traditional thick lead apron blanketed over them as their dental x-rays were performed. But is it still necessary? Stephanie addresses this topic in this MDA Focus article from the Winter 2023 issue.

Sink Your Teeth Into Radiation Safety

In this MDA Focus article from the Summer 2023 issue, we take a practical look at dental site requirements from the MRCP, general survey information and safe radiation practices.

Radiation Dose from Common Imaging Exams

Give your dental patients a perspective of their radiation dose from intraoral, panoramic and CBCT exams in terms of natural background radiation we are all exposed to every day.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Dental Surveys

Everything you wanted to know about dental unit testing can be found here!

Policies for Disposing Old X-ray Equipment

Do you have an old dental x-ray unit that you'd like to get rid of but don't know how? Read here for the Missouri regulations!

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